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AAA Notice to Owner, a division of AAA Business Association Corp, is a leading full-service for construction notices. Located in Florida, we have established our reputation as a trustworthy and customer-centric service provider in this area. We help contractors, sub-contractors, sub-sub contractors and suppliers with all the systematic and time sensitive legal notices involved with Lien Law. For our clients it may be an important part of the job, however for us, it is our major responsibility. We help you secure your lien rights through extensive research. With our team of highly helpful and experienced staff, you can focus on your job with complete peace of mind.

What truly sets AAA Notice to Owner apart, as the best in this industry, is our team of highly experienced experts and the outstanding customer service we provide. We believe in serving each and every customer with exquisite professional service. With AAA Notice to owner, you will be able to speak directly with us and share all your concerns and inquiries as well as receive comprehensive consultation.

Our mission is to secure your lien rights by performing a thorough project search. To ensure that your notices are correct with the proper project information and are handled within the time period the law requires. At AAA Notice to Owner, we believe that our success lies in the success of our clients. That is why your priorities become ours.

When dealing with your legal rights, we are positive that you would not trust anyone but the best. Our clients rely on AAA Notice to Owner for their construction notices.
° Intense Research – precise and timed research in the preparation of each document for our clientele.
° Expertise – working with a team of experts with decades of experience in the industry. Our team enables us to handles each and every job in the most efficient manner.
° Round the Clock Consultancy – We allow our clients to speak directly to us and consult us whenever they feel the need to discuss their concerns.
° Customer Satisfaction – not only is our team is highly passionate with their job, but highly compassionate with our clients.